KBP Foods Back in Acquisition Mode

Overland Park-based KBP Foods, which cracked the top 50 on Ingram’s list of the region’s 100 biggest private companies last year, is making a push for Top 30 status: The Yum! Brands franchisee has announced yet another acquisition for 2017, this time with 78 KFC locations in Kansas, Illinois and Texas.

The fast-growing company has been riding a wave of acquisitions in 2016 and 2017, and  now operates 530 locations in 20 states, with projected revenues of nearly $600 million. This year alone, the company has added 166 locations, some with new construction.

“We have achieved meaningful growth by adding density in key markets such as Chicago and Texas,” CEO Mike Kulp said in a news release announcing the latest deals, which he said would increase the overall value of the business and provide advancement opportunities for an employee base now nearly 12,000 strong.

And there may be more to come: after refinancing its debt earlier this year, officials at KBP anticipate that the company could double in size within a few years.