Kansas Primary Preview: Governor

Four states across America will hold primary elections on Tuesday, August 7, but it’s the Sunflower State that’s risen to the height of national attention.

On Tuesday, Kansas Republicans and Democrats will decide who will represent their respective parties on the November 6 ballot, with a keen national eye focused on the gubernatorial race, specifically, on the Republican side.

Reading national coverage would lend one to believe that just two people are running on the Republican ticket, when seven men have their names on the ballot.  While that side might be getting more press, the Democratic side may prove to be the bigger contest.  Of the five people running, including one of just two women in this race, only a few have the state-wide name recognition that would help them beat a traditionally Republican-leaning state. Not to mention, people running on the Independent ticket don’t have to survive the gauntlet of a primary because Kansas election laws only recognize Republican and Democratic voters for partisan issues during a primary election.  Those not registered with a specific party can choose to pick a side on primary day or simply vote solely on non-partisan issues.

As a heads up, make sure you are aware that you might not see the names of all the gubernatorial candidates listed on the first page of the electronic ballot. 


Governor/Lieutenant Governor


Democratic candidates:

Arden Andersen / Dale Cowsert

Jack Bergeson / Alexander Cline

Carl Brewer / Chris Morrow

Laura Kelly / Lynn Rogers

Joshua Svaty / Katrina Gier Lewison


Republican candidates:

Jim Barnett / Rosie Hansen

Jeff Colyer / Tracey Mann

Kris Kobach / Wink Hartman

Patrick “PK” Kucera / Patricia Reitz

Tyler Ruzich / Dominic Scavuzzo

Ken Selzer / Jen Sanderson

Joseph Tutera Jr. / Phillip Clemente


Libertarian Candidate:

Jeff Caldwell / Mary Gerlt


Independent Candidates:

Aaron Coleman (write-in) /

Andrea Costley /

Theophilus Floyd (write-in) /

JoeLarry Hunter /

Rick Kloos / Nathaniel Kloos

Greg Orman /