Kansas, Missouri Falls Short In Provider Claims Payment, Report Shows

Kansas and Missouri ranked in worst states for provider claims payment, resort shows. Photo Credit: Shutterstock (Valeri Luzina)

Posted September 13, 2023

A report published by Crowe, a public consulting firm, found that providers in both Kansas and Missouri struggled in collecting claims from payers leaving the states categorized among the lowest in the nation.

The report, published Monday, used software that monitors patient financial transactions from more than 1,800 hospitals and 200,000 physicians across the U.S. in the first six months of 2023, according to Crowe. The report used six key performance indicators to calculate three factors; speed of payment, total payment for services rendered and payment by a single payer.

Kansas and Missouri ranked among the group of states with the least claims-paying performance.

The bottom 10 states include:

1. South Carolina
2. Mississippi
3. Arkansas
4. North Carolina
5, Missouri
6. Kansas
7. Georgia
8. Kentucky
9. New Jersey
10. Idaho

Missouri also ranked in the bottom-performing states for final denials with a a final denial rate of 10.3 percent. Additionally, healthcare claims were more than five times more likely to not get paid at all, according to Crowe.

Kansas performed low in the percentage of claims that are the patient’s responsibility, however, with a rate of 35.1 percent. Crowe notes the bottom-performing states on this KPI are responsible for nearly 40 percent, collectively, of claims in those states during the first six months of 2023.

For comparison, states that ranked among the top 10 in the nation include; Louisiana, Oregon, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arizona, Illinois and Ohio.

View the full report, here.