Kansas City tech company PayIt expands market

The opening of a new headquarters in Canada marks the first international market expansion for the small tech startup, the Kansas City-based company looking to broaden the use of its digital platform connecting users to government services.

Locally founded tech startup PayIt is expanding, this time internationally with a new headquarters beyond the northern U.S. border, in Canada.

The move is being made to expand the company’s market. This will be the first international market expansion for PayIt.

Launched in 2013, PayIt operates as a digital platform, allowing users to access essential government services and to pay for them from any device.

Capabilities of the platform include paying property taxes, license and vehicle registration renewals, utility services and court citations, among other services.

According to the company’s co-founder and CEO, John Thomson, PayIt’s new headquarters will not impact its Kansas City operations, its local offices home to 93 of its 100 full-time employees.