Kansas City Team Helps Businesses Conserve Energy, Save Money

At a time when reducing energy consumption is uppermost in many minds, Kansas City is contributing to state-of-the art solutions.

FridgeWize—a Colorado company whose operations group is based in Kansas City— has been recognized by The Energy Awards—for creating the Energy Efficient Product of the Year in the field of HVAC and Refrigeration—a category in which the competition included big names like Samsung and Toshiba.

The product is the FridgeWize Q Blade, a carbon-fiber fan blade for commercial refrigeration evaporator motors. According to FridgeWize, third-party testing and a pilot program have proven that the Q Blade, when installed with their EC evaporator fan motor, reduces energy consumption by up to 50 percent, reducing energy costs for refrigeration by about 15 percent.

The Energy Awards marks the second time FridgeWize was recognized for the Q Blade this year.  In September, the company won a Refrigeration Innovation of the Year award in an annual competition sponsored by RAC magazine, a respected industry publication.