Kansas City, KS Breaks Top 30 Most Diverse Cities in U.S.

An analysis from WalletHub.com found Kansas City, KS is among the most diverse cities in America.

Posted April 17, 2024

An analysis from WalletHub.com lists Kansas City, Kansas as one of the top 30 most diverse cities in America.

KCK ranked No. 26 on WalletHub’s Most Diverse Cities in the U.S. (2024), published April 15. The analysis compared 501 of the largest American cities across 13 metrics in five diversity categories; household, socioeconomic, cultural, economic and religious diversity.

Kanas City area cities:

26. Kansas City, KS (70.74)
69. St. Loui, MO (69.27)
149. Kansas City, MO (67.32)
286. Overland Park, KS (64.98)
291. Olathe, KS (64.91)
317. Independence, MO (64.24)
342. Shawnee, KS (63.75)
357. Lee’s Summit, MO (63.37)

WalletHub also found St. Louis has the highest religious diversity, 132.5% higher than the average of all cities.