Kansas City and San Francisco Share Most Desirable Tech Sector Jobs

Technology industry association CompTIA found Kansas City and San Francisco's impact in tech jobs show growth in the industry.

Posted February 6, 2024

Kansas City and San Francisco are going head-to-head in more ways than one whether it is on the field or in the tech industry.

CompTIA, a non-profit technology industry association, compiled hiring intent data from both cities’ metropolitan areas and found the two regions have very similar profiles of tech talent needs.

“To meet long-term workforce needs, we must continue to expand and diversify the tech talent pipeline,” senior vice president of CompTIA, Hannah Johnson said in a release Tuesday. “There are many pathways into technology careers and we want to generate as much excitement and passion for working in tech as winning on the field.”

Key Tech Impact Stats Kansas City San Francisco
Net tech employment 74,404 350,662
Net tech employment as % of regional workforce 7%  14%
Economic impact (direct) $13.4b $176.2b
Economic impact as a % of overall 9% 27%
Tech business establishments 4,418 10,638


Tech jobs Kansas City employers are most looking to fill include Software Developers, Tech Support Specialists, Systems Analysts/Engineers, Cybersecurity Analysts/Engineers and Data Scientists.

Despite San Francisco being three times larger than Kansas City, the most desired job positions are similar. San Francisco employers are looking to fill Software Developers, Data Scientists, Tech Support Specialists, Systems Analysts/Engineers and Web Developers, according to CompTIA.

Over a 30-day period this year, around 9,200 job postings in Kansas City and nearly 16,500 in San Francisco required digital skills for positions in office and administrative support, business and financial operations, sales, healthcare and other occupations.