Intermountain Health Plans to Close KCK Clinic, Transfer Topeka and Leavenworth Clinic

Salt Lake City-based Intermountain Health plans to close down one of its three Kansas based clinics while trending the other two. Photo credit: Google Maps

Posted April 24, 2024

Salt Lake City-based Intermountain Health, a nonprofit healthcare system, announced it will transfer two of its Kansas-based clients to another healthcare provider and permanently close its Kansas City, Kansas clinic.

Intermountain Health operates three clinics in the state of Kansas; the Marian Dental Clinic in Topeka, the St. Vincent Clinic in Leavenworth and the Duchesne Clinic in KCK. The Caritas clinics provide care for very low-income people and families.

The healthcare nonprofit will transfer the Marian Dental Clinic and the St. Vincent Clinic to Atchison Community Health Clinic, a federally qualified health center, according to a release Friday. Additionally, Intermountain Health announced it will close down the Duchesne Clinic, effective June 1.

The letter of intent was signed on April 9, and the final transfer is expected to take place by June 30, according to the release. Once the final transfer is complete, Intermountain Health will no longer operate in Kansas.

“We want to express tremendous gratitude to the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, who founded these clinics decades ago to serve the poor and vulnerable. We appreciate the dedication and commitment of those caregivers that have worked in these clinics over the years,” Jim Sheets, Peaks Region President for Intermountain Health said. “We are also grateful to the communities that supported these clinics and Atchison Community Health for their commitment to upholding our longstanding tradition of care.”

Patients from the Duchesne Clinic will be supported in transferring their care to other clinics in that service area. Additionally, some caregivers can transfer employment to Atchison if they are interested, while others will receive financial support and help finding new employment, according to the release.

Intermountain Health will also donate $4.2 million to the Atchison Community Health Clinic to “ensure Atchison can successfully continue this high-quality care at these clinics.”