New Additions Push Homefield Cost To $838 Million

Site plans for the Homefield development project in Kansas City, Kansas.

Development costs for the Homefield Sports Complex have risen due to proposed additions to the project, including a golf course, multi-use area and interactive museum. 

The Kansas City, Kansas project, formerly the Schlitterbahn water park property, previously held a total cost of $648 million. The new attractions have an estimated cost of $190 million, therefore, total costs are now at $838 million. 

Proposed new attractions are as follows:

    • Hilton Garden Inn, contract terms finalizing
    • Super Car Guys, contract terms finalizing — A pre-owned auto dealership, fourth in the state,
    • 6S Bar & Grill, contract terms finalizing — A pickleball entertainment complex.
    • Live Nation Entertainment arena, contract terms finalizing — A 55,000 square foot indoor multi-use arena.
    • ATLAS 9 — Partnership with Dimensional Innovations, immersive interactive 30,000 square foot art museum.
    • Big Shots Golf Entertainment attraction with 60 tee boxes.

The developer, Sunflower Development Group, will build also be building a Margaritaville-themed hotel comprised of 230 guest rooms. 

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