Hays Companies Will Become a Part of Brown & Brown Inc.

After 24 years as an independent insurance broker and consultant, Hays Companies will join Brown & Brown, Inc. The acquisition should be approved by early November according to Powell Brown, CEO of Brown & Brown.

Hays brings Brown & Brown a national presence with a concentration of large offices in the Midwest, specifically in Kansas City. “As the insurance industry consolidates, we’ve taken our time and found the right partner,” said Jim Hays, CEO of Hays Company.

Brown & Brown was started 79 years ago, while the Hays Company was founded 24 years ago. Although there’s an age difference, both companies share the same cultural values, making them a cohesive match. “Our organizations,” Brown reflected. “Are so similar with a decentralized, entrepreneurial spirit, which is focused on doing what’s in the best interest of our client first and foremost.”