Guns in Schools Debate Hits Kansas Legislature Floor

In what one Representative called a ‘heated and ugly’ debate today, a committee of the whole in the Kansas House deemed HB2773 favorable for passage with no amendments.  HB 2773 is the Safe and Secure Schools Act.  The wording of the bill allows for more than $5 million to be transferred from the general state fund to the school safety and security grant fund for the department of education.  The language also calls for standardized safety and security measures to be implemented in school districts across the state.  You can read the full wording of the bill on the KS State Legislature website.

Johnson County Representative Stephanie Clayton was tweeting live from the floor as the action happened this afternoon.  Multiple amendments were introduced but none were passed. The first, introduced by Clayton, would have ‘removed NRA from KS School Safety Program.’  That failed 49-75 on a roll call vote.  The next was an amendment from Rep. Helgerson that would have taxed ammunition and put the monies into a fee of some kind.  That failed on a 35-88 roll call vote.  

Next up was an amendment from Rep. Parker that would add $100 thousand to appropriations of the bill and according to Rep. Clayton ‘appears to add provision that tells schools that if they *do* allow concealed carry by staff they have to have signage to indicate they’re doing so (I think).’  After the amendment was ruled germane it was separated into parts A and B for voting.  Neither passed.  The B portion of the amendment, again in Clayton’s words, would ‘take school districts out of list regarding who determines which schools carry concealed weapons.’  Essentially, it wouldn’t allow school districts to choose who got to arm teachers.  


No amendments were added to the bill but it was deemed favorable for passage and after that discussion the House took a recess to allow committees to meet.