Greitens Goes After Red Tape

Gov. Eric Greitens has launched a series of listening sessions in conjunction with the debut of the state’s Web site dedicated to improving government efficiency,

Geitens, who conducted the first of those sessions on Wednesday, says he established the site to cut regulatory barriers and seek input from Missourians about which state regulations they find unnecessary and burdensome. “Government red tape is out of control,” Greitens said in a news release announcing creation of the site. “It kills jobs and hurts working families. For too long, the burden of red tape has just gotten heavier.”

In announcing creation of the initiative, Greitens cited the example of a small business owner from Bolivar who ran headlong into a state regulation requiring his business to have a landline phone, at a cost of $1,500 a year. This, as landline subscriptions have plummeted following the explosion of cell phone and smart-phone use.

“A small business shouldn’t be forced by the government to pay for outdated technology,” Greitens said. “And you shouldn’t need a well-connected lobbyist to tell your elected leaders when the government is hurting you.” In response to that business owner’s complaint, “we directed the Department of Revenue to kill the requirement the very next day,” Greitens said. “No lobbyists. No nonsense. Action.”

His listening sessions and the Web site will be tasked with finding ways to trim some of the 7.5 million words that make up the state’s 113,000 regulatory requirements.