Google snags more acreage in Northland

December 2021

By Madison Parry

The multinational technology company increased its Kansas City land holdings this month, purchasing 236.4 acres in Clay County and adding to the 78.9 acres bought in 2019. The land will potentially be used for a large-scale data center.

Earlier this month, Google purchased a sizable chunk of Kansas City land. In mid-December, the well-known internet services and web products company bought additional acreage north of the Hunt Midwest Business Center.

In August 2019, Google acquired 78.9 acres within Hunt Midwest. This time around, the company scored 236.4 acres, three times what it purchased in 2019. The cost was not disclosed.

Google’s move to buy more land is said to be for a potential Northland data center. This is not new information to Kansas Citians, as talk of a data center for Google first arose in July 2019 following a meeting with the Port Authority of Kansas City.

Back in 2019, Google had not committed to building out the data center but had proposed it as a $600 million project on 78 acres. In this first project proposal, Port Authority authorized the issuance of up to $25 billion in privately backed Chapter 68 bonds over a 35-year period.