Forvis Enters Partnership to Create a $5B Global Network

Kansas City-based Forvis and Paris-based Mazars have entered an international partnership operating in over 100 countries and territories. Photo credit: Google Maps.

Kansas City's Forvis is now rebranded to Forvis Mazars, LLP.

Posted June 5, 2024

Forvis announced it has entered into an international partnership with Paris-based Mazars, launching a new $5 billion global network called Forvis Mazars.

The two accounting firms announced the new two-firm network last week. Forvis Mazars LLP operates in over 100 countries and territories while also being valued at $5 billion in global revenue, according to a release.

As part of the deal, Forvis has acquired Mazars USA to create Forvis Mazars in the U.S., adding 1,000 more professionals and 14 office locations, over 80 locations in the country.

Forvis also ranks among the top percentile for fastest-growing IPA firms in the country. Forvis ranks eighth in the nation’s largest accounting firms, according to Inside Public Accounting’s Top 500 CPA Firms, with about $1.69 in net revenue.

Mazars Group, headquartered in Paris, France, is now rebranded as Forvis Mazars Group SC. The two firms previously signed an agreement with the intent to form the partnership in November.

The two-member network will be governed by a structure with a Global Network Board responsible for enabling seamless collaboration and global client delivery.

Tom Watson will continue to serve as CEO of Forvis Mazars in addition to a seat on the global network board. Hervé Hélias, who previously served as CEO and chairman of Mazars Group, will serve as chairman of the group executive board of Forvis Mazars Group.

“Forvis Mazars is built on our commitment to listen to our clients, anticipate the challenges they face, and deliver an unmatched client experience in all that we do,” Watson said. “This new network will quickly unlock new opportunities for our clients and our people, and both groups can feel confident that we are making decisions with their long-term success in mind.”