Expect More Jackson County Property Tax Appeals

By Ian Ritter

Property owners in Jackson County now have until July 29 to filed a property tax assessment appeal with the county. The prior deadline was today.The county has already received in excess of 21,000 appeals to property assessments that, in some cases, showed values to be three times as high as they were 12 months before.

The appeal extension was approved today by the Jackson County Board of Equalization. Appeal hearings will begin this month and could conclude by the fourth Saturday in August, unless the board decides to extend those as well.

The board of equalization has the authority to increase, decrease or keep the property’s value the same during the appeals process. 

It suggests having documentation to back up an appeals argument and states on its website: “In order to justify any requested change in market value, it is best to submit formal appraisals or sale contracts, which are the most persuasive evidence. Supporting documentation may also include data such as: comparable sales, recent appraisal (by certified appraiser), income and expense operating statements for a three (3) year period, rent roll or leases, depreciation schedules and closing statements of recent sale. The Board may also take into consideration the cost to cure items of deferred maintenance, current photos of condition (interior and exterior) and written estimate of repairs from a legitimate contractor (on foreclosures, rehabbed and new purchased properties). All relevant supporting documentation filed with the appeal becomes a permanent record of the Board and will not be returned.”

To download a property tax appeal form, click here.