Euronet Worldwide Expands in U.S. With Acquisition

Euronet Worldwide might be based in Leawood, but most of the consumer financial services it provides, such as banking ATMs, are found overseas.

That is changing with its acquisition of Dolphin Debit, a full-service ATM outsourcing company with 1,900 of the machines around the country that are being operated for about 300 financial institutions.

Euronet will be able to put into place technological advancements into U.S. machines that are found in other countries, making them more friendly to mobile-savvy users and offering features others than just deposit and withdraw transactions, said Michael J. Brown, Euronet’s chairman and chief executive officer.

Of the 470,000 ATMs in the United States, 279,000 are run by independent operators and the remainder are owned directly by banks and credit unions. Since only six percent of those institutions currently outsource, Brown said that there is an opportunity for expansion in this country.