Dairy Farmers of America Will Test Blockchain Technology

With an attempt to increase transparency in the food supply chain and better connect farmer owners with customers, Dairy Farmers of America will test blockchain technology by partnering with the food tech startup, ripe.io.

David Darr, DFA vice president of sustainability and member services, said consumers are eager to understand where their food comes from, and ripe.io is a way to leverage technology to provide “trust and confidence about food production from start to finish.”

How does it work? According to ripe.io’s website, the company creates digital Food Bundles to map the food journey. These food bundles include supply chain tracking and visibility, secure data aggregation and sharing, brand quality and trust verification, and scaleable blockchain, sensor and internet of things integration.

“We know that there’s a lot of application for blockchain technology within agriculture, and we ultimately want to help our dairy farmers be on the forefront,” adds Darr. “For now, our goal is to evaluate the technology and explore how it might benefit our supply chain.”