Dairy Farmers of America Invests in Startup

The largest private company in Kansas City has invested in startup MOPRO Nutrition. MOPRO produces Greek yogurt and has positioned itself as a potential “replacement for protein bars, protein shakes and regular Greek yogurt.”

“As a farmer-owned Cooperative, DFA is continuously looking for innovative ways to bring dairy to consumers, and this investment in MOPRO reflects that commitment,” says Monica Massey, senior vice president and chief of staff at DFA. “We think there’s a lot of growth potential with more natural, high-protein products and look forward to working with MOPRO to help make them a household brand.”

According to the news release, MOPRO recently completed the DFA-sponsored Sprint Accelerator program. The program is a “90-day immersive program that helps accelerate and grow startup businesses.” DFA says it plans to work with MOPRO to increase product distribution and brand awareness. 

“I am excited to work with DFA on a permanent basis. We developed a nice relationship during the Accelerator program, and they share my vision for evolving the yogurt category and bringing the highest-quality and innovative, fresh nutrition products to the marketplace,” says Michael Moran, founder, MOPRO.