Crossroads Hotel Offers Unique Space to Work and Play

With a storied past, and a renewed future, the Pabst Brewing Depot building now serves as a home to Crossroads Hotel, which is the first boutique hotel in the district. Located at 2101 Central St., the hotel’s grand opening was last Thursday, Oct. 18, and guests can now utilize its many unique features that reflect the artistic and eclectic neighborhood in which it resides.

Photo courtesy of Crossroads Hotel.

The hotel boasts two restaurants, one rooftop bar, an art gallery where local and regional artists will be showcased, and adornments throughout that have been made in Kansas City. But beyond the features of this new Kansas City landmark, Crossroads Hotel opens a new window of opportunity in the area for business people, offering them a cozy, yet chic, meeting space. 

“There’s so many great art galleries in our neighborhood, so many creative firms, so many great architecture firms, we really want to become a hub for those organizations to mingle and hang and take meetings,” Jeremy Bennett, director of lifestyle for Crossroads Hotel, said. “We’re really excited to plug into the art community with our gallery space, and really become a space to hang as new places pop up.”

And while Bennett says he hopes Crossroads Hotel will help to move the area forward by providing a new place to both collaborate and decompress, he says the hotel will always remain true to its roots. “We have done as much as we can do date, and we will continue throughout the life of the hotel to highlight, showcase and bring as much of Kansas City in to the four walls that make up this hotel as possible,” Bennett said. “That’s the way we should be doing it, and it’s also a way to kind of show off what we’ve got going on to those transient customers that are visiting.”