City Gives Update on KCI Progress

Today the City of Kansas City gave a quick update on the progress being made on the new KCI terminal.  Director of the Aviation Department Pat Klein along with the Edgemoor Infrastructure and Real Estate team spoke to the Aviation Committee discussing progress and giving some new details.

“Last week we heard the good news that the new KCI terminal will be built with more gates, which means more flights for travelers, more jobs for Kansas City, and greater economic development for our City and region,” Third District City Councilmember Jermaine Reed said. “Today, we heard additional project highlights.”

According to the release, the committee was told the financial team ‘has been augmented with key partners in place to further develop the most cost-efficient financial structure for the project.’  This is all part of what’s described as an extensive program validation process where different key requirements are being verified an updated as needed.  Because of recent verification, the project team said “it can move forward with the conceptual design of key building elements, including:  Baggage Handling Systems, Airport Information Systems, Security, Check-in, Retail and other Amenities.”

While all of this is going on in the conference rooms of the city, some pre-construction necessities are already happening on site.  Those include soil borings and geo-mapping to help identify any subsurface issues now instead of finding out later in the project when it’s potentially too late.