Starts-Ups in KC Starting to Slow Down

If you’re wanting to start your own business in Kansas City, you’re in good company.  A study released this week by ranked Kansas City #23 on a list of 40 of the best cities for entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

According to the site, the study looked at 300 North American cities and compared multiple factors to crunch out the list. 

  1. Young Adult Dwellers
  2. Higher Education
  3. Local Employment
  4. Income vs. Rent
  5. Start-up Surges

Coincidentally, within the 40 ranked cities the study also breaks out sub-rankings determined by data from none other than the Kauffman Index’s 2017 Growth Entrepreneurship report.  For what it’s worth, Kansas City ranks 28th on that list according to rate of start-up growth, share of scale-ups and their high growth company density.  Previously, KC was 23rd on that list thus the ranking of 3rd for lowest start-up growth percent.

Those charts, however, may not tell the full story of the city as a whole.  Kansas City has groups like Youth Entrepreneurs teaching high school kids about creating business plans and Pipeline Entrepreneurs which is a large group of entrepreneurs and advisors encouraging the next generation of great business minds.  The city also has resources for small businesses like KC Biz Care and KS Source Link to help connect the vast community of entrepreneurs and start-ups.