Bluhawk Sports Park revised plan receives council approval

The Overland Park Planning Commission approved a revised plan for the sports park earlier this week, allowing Phase 1 construction to soon begin. The mixed-used project has an estimated price tag of $1 billion to complete. Construction could begin in Q3 of 2021 with a completion date as late as Q1 of 2023.

Approved plans for the Bluhawk Sports Park in Overland Park, Kan. have developers hoping they can soon begin Phase 1 of the $1 billion mixed-use project.

The city’s Planning Commission on Monday approved a revised final plan for park to be located near 165th Street and Antioch Road.

Phase 1 of the project inlcudes a 256,000-square-foot facility with an indoor multipurpose turf field, a performance training center with a Ninja training course and four basketball courts.

The most recent phase one plans show the removal of four basketball courts, making space for an ice rink, and the addition of an e-sports component. The sports park will have a 4,000-seat retractable seating bowl for certain events.

Two future sports park additions are proposed to the building’s east and northwest. Previous proposals have depicted the completed facility at 429,000 and 436,306 square feet.

Once the amended development agreement is approved, construction could begin in Q3 of 2021. Phase 1 could then open in either fall of 2022 or in Q1 2023.