Blue KC to Exit The Medicare Advantage Market in 2025

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City announced it will end its Medicare Advantage membership and will exit the market by the end of 2024.

Posted June 4, 2024

Updated at 11:57 a.m., June 5, 2024

Citing high regulation and financial pressure, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City announced it will exit the Medicare Advantage market at the end of 2024.

The not-for-profit organization cited “heightened regulatory demands and rising market and financial pressures” as its reasons for exiting the market, according to a release.

Blue KC’s Medicare Advantage membership represents approximately 30,000 individuals.

The organization also noted its Medicare Advantage membership is “relatively small” and does not scale to compete in today’s continuously changing market. Blue KC did ensure it is still committed to providing employer-sponsored health plans, Medicare Supplement offerings, as well as its array of individual and family plans for those under 65, including Affordable Care Act plans, according to the release.

The decision to exit the Medicare Advantage membership will allow Blue KC to focus on other market segments.

“We explored every alternative path for our Medicare Advantage members and are disappointed we must exit this line of business,” Blue KC president and CEO, Erin Stucky said in the release. “We value our MA members and are committed to providing uninterrupted, quality service to our current Medicare Advantage membership through the end of 2024.”

Blue KC has begun informing impacted members and will provide more information about alternative 2025 coverage options. Local agents are also available to help Medicare Advantage members during annual enrollment from mid-October through early December.