Best of Business Kansas City/Corporate Report 100 Awards Celebration

A Toast to Success

The rain stopped, the clouds parted, and as a brilliant fall day melted into a spectacular evening, a tribute to business success sounded out across Kansas City’s Crossroads district on Oct. 20. Once again, it was time for Ingram’s Magazine’s annual Best of Business Kansas City/Corporate Report 100 awards celebration.

Nearly 500 people—some from the fastest-growing companies in the region, some from organizations voted by Ingram’s readers as the best at what they do—arrived at the magazine’s Freighthouse District offices to meet, greet, network and unwind. Fine food from Lon Lane’s Inspired Occasions, libations, music and camaraderie all made for a very memorable evening.

    1. barth    2. chris-sullivan-ku-hospital    3. creative-planning

    5. fitz    6. neighbors    7. zoo-for-website

    8. food    9. khoury-paul    10. reece-commercial

    11. cullor-holzmeister-for-website    12. affinity-group-management    13. hutchin

    14. bluekc    15. bynum

1. Kevin Barth of Commerce Bank, which bagged a pair of Best of Business Kansas City honors. | 2. Chris Sullivan displays the Gold-level tribute readers accorded for the University of Kansas Hospital. | 3. Megan Schmitz and Nancy Hudson of Creative Planning. | 4. Missouri Bank’s Mark Fitzpatrick, a winner in the Best Bank category. | 5. Nancy and Roger Neighbors of Neighbors Construction, honored for both fast growth and as a reader favorite in the General Contractors category. | 6. Heidi Downer of the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department celebrates with Sara Gay and Randy Wisthoff of the Kansas City Zoo, a perennial winner in the Best Family Outing category. | 7. Lon Lane’s Inspired Occasions rolled out a unique lineup of creations to feed the masses. | 8. Paul Khoury of PB&J Restaurants, showing off fast-growth honors as part of the Corporate Report 100. | 9. Reece Commercial sent a contingent of Lydia Trefz, RC Jensen, John Stacy, John Sweeney, Kit Slater and Ryan Schulteis. | 10. Chandler Cullor of Truss, catching up with Netstandard’s Jon Holzmeister. | 11. Kori Barnes, Samantha Johnson and Sara Nobles of fast-growing Affinity Group Management. | 12. Brian Hutchin was on hand to pick up a pair of awards for UMB Bank. | 13. Kim White and Kelly Cannon of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City, the Gold winner for health insurers. | 14. Greg Bynum of Lead Bank, which also pulled off a double win with both fast-growth and reader-favorite honors.