Animal-Health Corridor Adds Chinese Company

Adding another power player to the regional animal-health corridor, the largest animal-vaccine company in China has announced that it will open a vaccine research lab and office at a facility being developed by Kansas State University in Manahttan.

A news release issued by VisitKC this morning said that Jinyu Bio-technology Co. would focus on research and design of vaccines for swine and cattle, as well as continuing education materials for Chinese companies and veterinarians.

“Manhattan and Kansas State University are at the forefront of animal-health research that is relevant to the Chinese animal agriculture industry and the world,” company chairman Chongyu Zhang said in the release. “Jinyu is the largest animal vaccine company in China and is fast-growing internationally. We are looking forward to developing a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with partners in the region.” 

Jinyu USA will partner with K-State, the city of Manhattan and the state of Kansas to develop new animal-health products that can be marketed in Asia, Africa and the U.S. The company is also considering the addition of future manufacturing facilities in the corridor.  

“The addition of Jinyu Bio-technology to the KC Animal Health Corridor is truly a partnership of innovation and expertise,”  said Antonio Soave, secretary of commerce. “We, as a state, must continue to engage excellent biotech companies like Jinyu, as Kansas continues to become one of the leading locations for bioscience in the nation.”

Jinyu plans a 2,400-square-foot lab facility, three offices and 800 square feet of clean room space at the K-State Office Park Phase II building, employing four to six scientific researchers. The KSU Foundation will break ground on the Phase II building in July 2017 and the company’s space will become available in 2018.