Great Plains Announces Post-Merger Leadership Team

Confident that their acquisition of Westar Energy, Inc. will be completed on schedule in spring 2017, Great Plains Energy (NYSE: GXP) announced today the leadership that will be in charge when Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) and Westar have merged into one company.

Heading up the 19-member team will be Terry Bassham, the current president and CEO of Great Plains and KCP&L. According to an organizational chart released today, he’ll be leading an executive group of 18, including 8 vice-presidents from Westar.

“People are the heart and soul of a successful company, and that starts with its leaders,” said Bassham. “Westar and KCP&L’s strengths and expertise are mirrored in this team, and our commitment to the communities we serve.”

Great Plains also said today that, while their corporate headquarters will remain in Kansas City, leadership team members will be located in Topeka and Wichita, as well, and will spend time in communities throughout the combined territory.