Ingram's Magazine: November 2020

Ingram’s November 2020 Digital Edition

Ingram's November 2020 Digital Edition.   more

2020 Women Executives-Kansas City: Running Against the Current

Think for a moment about where women can rise to the top of their professions. If the first roles at the top of your mind were nursing and teaching, you might want to bone up on what’s happening in the world the…more

2020 Rainmakers: Entrepreneurs on Equity

Among its multiple challenges, 2020 has been a year for hard conversations about work-force aspects of diversity and inclusion in America. But for all the attention paid to matters of equality and equity, how often have you heard mention of…more

Transitions 2020: Exiting the Business

Business brokers, wealth managers and other advisers say owners who sell their companies would be well-served to find new ways to make a difference, such as volunteering at a community garden or non-profit, or even consulting young entrepreneurs.   You’ve…more

Q&A With . . . Mark Jorgenson

  Q. What were the foundations of your own sense of corporate responsibility—the influences  that informed your own values of what it means to be appropriately engaged as a company? A: Banks especially enjoy a unique platform in our community…more

Kansas City Construction and Design in a COVID World: Adapt and Overcome

We're just weeks away from a new year, and the ability—mercifully—to reference 2020 in the past tense. Eventually, the daily counts of new COVID-19 infections will fall, the numbers of deaths from the pandemic will inevitably tail off. But the…more