Ingram's Magazine: September 2014

Q&A With … Polly Thomas of CBIZ

Q: What are the biggest challenges your clients have seen in the run-up to this enrollment period?
 A: With so many employees working remotely, it’s been figuring out to how to deliver open enrollment with the same level of experience;…more

The Hidden Dangers of Procrastination

Lets face it: We as humans often procrastinate on a wide range of issues. Webster defines procrastination as “to delay action” and nowhere is it more dangerous than the toll it can take on your long-term financial health. Recently, in…more

The Ultimate Response to ‘I Want to Think About It.’

You feel helpless, or if you’ve been poorly trained, you lapse into some manipulative dialogue that proves you’re both a crappy salesperson and you’re only there for the money. There’s a better way. I’m about to give you the ultimate…more

Technology Tips the Scales

Gone—or almost gone—are the days of lawyers with two-wheelers, carting boxes of files into courtrooms, an image has given way to the convenience and storage capacity of the modern thumb drive. But the impact of technology on law firm operations—both…more

Let it Rain

The word has applications in political fund-raising, investment banking and ad agencies, among others, but in legal circles, a Rainmaker is someone who brings to the firm more business than he or she can handle alone. The value of that…more

Clients Benefit From Upheaval in Legal Sector

Shelley wrote those words in 1821, yet they resonate profoundly today. In this 21st century, your business, and your industry, is in a constant state of change. One of your great challenges is to anticipate or even create that change,…more

Who’ll Start the Rain?

On a misty September afternoon high above the city in Bryan Cave’s new conference center atop One Kansas City Place, two dozen attorneys— consisting mostly of the region’s more significant rainmakers—convened to explore client development practices and the future of…more

KC BANKING: Behind the Numbers

It’s a simple question, but it has no simple answer: What is a local bank? Is it “local” by virtue of its size, or lack thereof? By the hometown listed in its articles of incorporation? By the presence of an…more

Home Field in the Heart of America

It’s sad, really, that so many people think of history as a time period that began the day they were born. For those folks, especially the ones old enough to remember Jorge Orta’s lunge toward first base, Don Denkinger, the…more

Let it Rain!

As a business owner and particularly as a journalist who for decades has studied business models—good, bad and indifferent—and a person who has written and edited profiles and features showcasing inordinately successful businesses and entrepreneurs, I believe we have a…more

Before You Jump Into Buying That Getaway Spot …

How long have you been wishing for a place to escape the pressure associated with your daily routine? Has your dream progressed to the point of serious consideration of purchasing a second home in the sunny south, at the lake…more

Letter to a Young Entrepreneur

My dear young friend, A few months back, while driving down I-70 on the ultimate perfect spring afternoon, I glanced off to my left and saw Kauffman Stadium filling with people. As I exited to turn back to the ballpark,…more

50 Largest Law Firms

1 Shook, Hardy & Bacon There are national, even global firms, that have a footprint in KC and more attorneys firm-wide, but no firm has more lawyers working in this city than Shook, Hardy & Bacon. Once again, SH&B tops…more

Around the Region

16 | TUESDAY “Swing Fore Synergy” Swing Fore Synergy, a benefit golf tourney for Synergy Services, tees off at at Staley Farms Golf Course. Entry is $175. 816.587.4100 | synergyservices.org “Message in a Bottle” First Call Alcohol/Drug Prevention & Recovery…more

20 in Their Twenties

Others have heard it, and are getting ready to respond. Opportunities are calling, and young Kansas City business owners, executives and personalities are answering that call with entrepreneurial authority and God-given talent. Looking for the next generation of go-getters in…more