Ingram's Magazine: October 2022

Top Doctors: Standing Watch for the Common Good

The Omnipotence Paradox holds that there can be no winner when the fabled irresistible force meets the unmovable object.  But that’s not always the case, now, is it?  Just look at health care. Going on three years ago, a fairly…more

Ingram’s October 2022 Digital Edition

Ingram's October 2022 Digital Edition   more

Rising to the Challenge

For years, health-care executives nationwide have been crushing the “repeat” button on the alarm sounding about a provider shortage at both the physician and nursing levels. Dive into the data for most of the medical centers within the Kansas City region,…more

Q&A … With Matt All

Q: Hit us with your best elevator pitch about BCBSKS, its current strengths and its market position. A: I’ve been with the organization for 16 years—I was an insurance regulator for a few years, so I’ve been aware of and…more

Sustaining Multigenerational Business Success

Successfully transitioning any business to new ownership is fraught with challenges. But family businesses that are poised to transition to the next generation face a distinct set of succession issues.  Addressing those challenges is especially important because succession planning also…more

Thinking About Creating an ESOP? Things to Note.

U.S. businesses are facing a challenging environment. Baby Boomers are looking to transition their businesses, and many business owners are finding it difficult to hire and retain the best talent. Workers are demanding better opportunities, causing companies to rethink their…more

Is This the Time to Buy?

If you are evaluating ways to grow your business, acquiring another business may be an option. With the economy in a unique position and tens of thousands of small businesses in the United States up for sale, knowing what to…more

The Fed Will Subdue Inflation at Any Cost

Last week, in clear tones, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said, “Inflation is running too hot. You don’t need to know much more than that.” He added, “This committee is committed to getting to a meaningful, restrictive stance of policy and…more

The Evolution of Marketing

All that talk about how Millennials and Gen Z are responsible for killing off newspapers because they don’t like paper? That might turn out to be just another cultural myth as misguided as “Helen Reddy sure could sing.” The world’s…more

20 in their Twenties: The Future of Business Has Already Arrived

In 2008, Ingram’s looked at emerging in Kansas City business and determined that young entrepreneurs and business executives weren’t getting the credit for superior achievement. Thus was born 20 in Their Twenties. It was fair to ask after that first…more