Ingram's Magazine: March 2023

Destination Kansas and March 2023 Digital Edition

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Kansas: A Dynamic Economy Is Driving Fundamental Change

The Sunflower State, right now, is experiencing something of a metamorphosis. Think of it no more as merely an agricultural powerhouse—though it remains just that—but as an emerging center of excellence in advanced manufacturing. True enough, the aerospace industry has…more

Transportation and Infrastructure

The federal interstate highway system in Kansas is both the heart and soul—and while invoking anatomical terms—the backbone of a system that moves freight and people across a span of 82,000 square miles. While there are ample rail and air…more

Real Estate Values

During America’s westward expansion in the 1860s, fueled by the Homestead Act of 1862, the population of Kansas more than tripled, from 107,000 a year before statehood to more than 364,000 in 1870, the first census that included it as…more

Quality of Life

Clean air, low crime, and a pace of life that runs the gamut from small-town slow to big-city hectic—and rarely oversteps those boundaries into urban psychosis. Kansas, it seems, has it all. In the population centers of Kansas City, Wichita…more

A Productive Workforce

Economists for years have labored—without much success—to construct a methodology that helps people understand the comparative strengths of one state’s workforce with those of another.  So here's a suggestion: How about you look at the people who are actually showing…more

Centrality and Prime Location

There is no single lifestyle that is ‘typically Kansan.’ The state boasts an array of living options, from big-city bustle to small-town charm, from the campuses of research universities to family farms; Kansas has it all. That diversity makes it…more

Leading Industries

Yes, Kansas has a diverse economy, but when it comes to the leading industries in the state, some sectors are considerably more equal than others.  And that starts with manufacturing. If you look at the state’s GDP overall—$162.2 billion in…more

Hospitality and Tourism

We routinely hear about life sciences, manufacturing, aviation, and agriculture as key components of the Kansas economy. Hidden in plain sight right there in the Top 10 business sectors are hospitality and tourism. Yep, the state that serves as the…more

Healthcare and Community Services

From Kansas City in the northeast to Topeka and southwest to Wichita, Kansas is served by an axis of top-tier health-care delivery systems that put the vast majority of the state’s 2.9 million residents less than an hour from a…more

Entertainment and Culture

To the eternal question of “I don’t know—what do you want to do this weekend?”—consider an all-encompassing one-word response: Kansas. Pro soccer, college football and basketball, NASCAR, symphonies, museums, art galleries, botanical gardens, zoos. If you live here or are…more

Education and the Workforce

With apologies to third-grade grammar school teachers everywhere, education in Kansas ain’t what it used to be. The changes affecting K-20 education are broad and deep, and they are taking place in every corner of the Sunflower State. For the…more

Cost of Living

Call it the Kansas Advantage—the ability to live a comfortable lifestyle, even on a wage well below coastal compensation rates. How? Because of a low cost of living that makes the Sunflower State one of the nation’s most affordable places…more

Kansas Has What You’re Looking For

A wealth of entertainment options calls to residents, visitors. Sporting events, shopping, science—whatever your interests, you’ll find new depths of experience in Kansas. Whether you’re new to the state, just visiting, or a long-time resident, the range of exciting, intriguing,…more

Business Climate and Economic Conditions

But consider this when you ponder business conditions here: Kansans work. According to various federal statistical measures, 66.1 percent of the Kansas population is employed—an impressive 3.76 percentage points more than the national average of 62.4 percent.  It’s part and…more

‘Made in Kansas’ Label Means Even More Today

Flat, farms, flyover country. Producer of wheat, cattle, and corn. And wind. Lots of wind. Common perceptions for Kansas, yet they fail to tell the whole story. So, how do you begin to change minds? “How do we do it?…more

Aviation and Aerospace: Manufacturing Takes Wing in Kansas

The names are legendary, iconic, historical, and contemporary, and they are all part of a proud legacy Kansas boasts in commercial aviation and aerospace research and development: Boeing, Cessna, Beechcraft, and Learjet, and later, Bombardier and Raytheon. Missing from that…more

50 Kansans You Should Know

From agriculture and aviation to zoonotic-disease research, Kansas is awash with companies, universities and non-profit organizations that are pushing the state’s economy forward. In doing so, they elevate the quality of life for nearly 3 million residents. Kansas, it’s been…more

Kansas Banking: Moderation in the Middle

In banking, there is sexy, and there is stable. Rarely do the two travel together down the road of commerce. March 2023 provided yet another example of the stark differences between the former style of high flyers like Silicon Valley…more