Ingram's Magazine: March 2015

Six Questions Every Business Owner Must Answer

As long as businesses are managed and owned by humans, business succession will happen. Will it happen in an orderly fashion, according to a thoughtful plan based on the owner’s wishes? Or will it be sorted out by those who…more

Don’t Overlook the Insurance Option for Successions

Does life insurance play a role in providing the funding mechanism to successfully transition a business from one owner to another as a result of death? After almost 30 years of practice in the life insurance business, I can answer…more

Everything Really IS Up to Date in Kansas City . . .

Kansas City has long been known for its centrality and excellent transportation infrastructure. According to KC SmartPort, Kansas City is the largest rail center in United States by tonnage, has more Foreign Trade Zone space than any other city, our…more

If You’re Looking to Sell, Don’t Overlook the ESOP Option

A tremendous amount of wealth will soon be transferred from the Baby Boomers to the next generation. Many of the companies that were started from scratch, purchased, gifted or inherited will need to be passed along to someone else, because…more

Replacing the Big Dog

In some ways, it is the typical small-business succession story: After a decade of building a start-up with a relative handful of employees into a leader in its field with more than 150 on the payroll, the chief executive is…more

All in the Family

The role of family business in America’s economy may be changing, but the foundation is solid Walmart started as a family business. Still is, if you think about it in terms of stock shares controlled by the Walton family (roughly…more

Made in the Midwest

Missouri and Kansas are right in the thick of a resurgence in American manufacturing. “We don’t make anything anymore.” That lament of the industrially illiterate still gets way too much ink and airtime in a 24/7 world of business misinformation.…more

Family Owned Businesses: Planning for Their Survival

Most family owned businesses are successful because the owners are entrepreneurs who focus on their business with 110 percent of their efforts. Often that means that they do not effectively plan for business succession. Studies report that 80 percent of…more

Around the Region

MARCH   13 | Friday “Starr Women’s Hall of Fame”The Starr Women’s Hall of Fame will induct its inaugural class of historical and contemporary women who have significant ties to the area. Named in honor of the late Martha Jane Phillips…more

In The News: Mar 2015

Missouri Buchanan County Bayer Selling BuildingsBayer HealthCare has announced plans to sell two manufacturing facilities in St. Joseph, following a transition of workers into sites acquired with the 2013 purchase of Teva Pharmaceuticals. Officials hope to use the vacated properties…more

No Cats Killed in Bloch School Scandal

In the first month or so of 2015, readers of The Kansas City Star received updates, daily or close to it, on two scandals, one national, one local. Both involved the inflation of things—footballs in New England and academic rankings…more

Working With Family

Success may be found in a company’s DNA, but some clear ground rules help. Did you check out the front cover of this month’s edition? Sixteen—count ’em, 16—members of the Cosentino family, including Jerry, the surviving co-founder of Cosentino’s  Anyone…more