Ingram's Magazine: June 2023

Ingram’s June 2023 Digital Edition

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Three cheers for Kansas City’s finest

PUBLISHED JUNE 27, 2023 In a world where one need not look far to see the unpleasant realties of life in general and business in particular—such as, say, inflation, higher interest rates, gloom-and-doom talk of a recession—where does one turn…more

Wining and Dining

PUBLISHED JUNE 27, 2023 BEST BAKERY Is it the dazzling array of cheesecake interpretations? The suite of sweets in the pastry case? The entrees and sandwiches? Well, they all come together to make McCLAIN’S BAKERY a reader favorite and, on…more

Entertainment and Culture

PUBLISHED JUNE 27, 2023 BEST ART GALLERY The absolute center of the cultural universe in Kansas City, as it has been almost since the doors first opened in 1933, is the NELSON-ATKINS MUSEUM OF ART. With its vast collection of…more

Business Products

PUBLISHED JUNE 27, 2023 BEST AUTO DEALER (DOMESTIC) Ford dealerships sweep the honors with the regularity one can expect from precision service and machining. BOB SIGHT FORD in Lee’s Summit takes Gold, a fitting achievement in its 100th anniversary year.…more

Business Services

PUBLISHED JUNE 27, 2023 BEST ACCOUNTING FIRM With accounting firms, it’s all about the numbers, so no surprise that the firm with the region’s biggest numbers—as in CPAs on staff—is also the favorite for Gold: Springfield-based FORVIS. This year’s merger…more

Q&A … With Mike Bukaty and Mary Amundsen

PUBLISHED JUNE 27, 2023 Q. What are you seeing or hearing with health-insurance trends that should be of greatest concern to companies that want to provide these benefits? AMUNDSEN: I think there is a lot of creativity in the marketplace…more

Where Will AI Take Investment Opportunities?

PUBLISHED JUNE 27, 2023 Recent advances have brought artificial intelligence to center stage. Given the progress, the promise, and the hype, it is little wonder investors are excited to see who is focusing on the space and what they are…more

Waiting for Reinforcements

PUBLISHED JUNE 27, 2023 For more than a decade, hospital executives have been ringing alarm bells about a looming shortage in the physician ranks as the first wave of Baby Boom-age doctors wrapped up their careers. For the past 3-1/2…more

Batten Down the Hatches

PUBLISHED JUNE 27, 2023 In recognition of the more than 33 million small businesses in the U.S., we are sharing helpful best practices to fine tune your business plan to weather economic shifts.  Responsibly manage your business debt Interest rates…more

Inside the Corporate Transparency Act

PUBLISHED JUNE 27, 2023 A new federal law requires businesses and their owners to disclose personal information and their photographs to a federal law enforcement agency, and there are only a few exceptions. Why this matters for you. From Wall…more