Ingram's Magazine: July 2015

Corporate Report 100 • Introduction

Is Faster Growth Ahead? The good news? After five years of decline, new business development in the U.S. is rising, according to the Kauffman Foundation’s most recent startup-activity index. And, since news, like shoes, usually comes in pairs, the other…more

Corporate Report 100 • All-Time Winners Honor Roll

As Corporate Report 100 turns 30, only a few companies that have made it to those heights have been able to master the challenges of rapid growth for the long term. Getting onto the Corporate Report 100 in any one…more

Corporate Report 100 • 2015 Winners List

1. Foodlinks, Inc. 2nd YearGrowth: 949.83%        Average Annual Growth Rate: 316.61%Gross Revenue:        2014: $21,238,011        2011: $2,022,994Full-time employees: 7 There’s a good reason why Norman Haas is passionate about being in the chocolate business—and…more

Veterans: The Next Battle

Military cuts are the stuff of challenge­—and opportunity. Earlier this month, the U.S. Army dropped the unemployment bomb, announcing that by the end of 2017, it would accelerate plans to reduce the ranks of soldiers and officers by 40,000 and…more

BOOMERS: Closing Acts

As Baby Boomers move into old age—and no, 70 is not the new 40—their economic impact continues to reshape American business, commerce and lifestyles. Invariably, the statistic accompanying reviews of how the Baby Boom-generation affected America’s economy, politics and culture…more

The Master of Master’s

The MBA is now the undisputed king of master’s programs nationwide, for some good reasons. But it’s also an educational specialty undergoing profound changes. This, according to the Census bureau, is what the value of education looks like. Over the…more

Something Stinks on Grand Boulevard

Dad, this one’s for you. If you’ve been keeping up on the recent online fury over city and county tax favors bestowed on The Kansas City Star, you’re probably as mad as I am, speaking as a taxpayer. But this…more

The Imitation Game—KC Style

These days, the things that really do make Kansas City stand apart from the municipal crowd are fewer, and further between. I am not sure when it happened. The seeds may have been planted as early as 1939, when Tom…more

Find the Real Decision Maker—Or Lose the Sale

In sales, nothing is worse than realizing you’re talking to the wrong guy. The prospect tells you, “I only need one more approval and the order is yours.” For joy, for joy—the order is mine! Ummmm . . . don’t…more

When Effective Communication Counts, Think Visual

A visual success guide will go a long way toward keeping employees focused. The adage, “you have to see it to believe it,” is never truer than in the office, where communication can be cloudy and bureaucracy can run rampant.…more

Don’t Let Long-Term Care Costs Scuttle Your Savings

So you think you’ve got finances all lined out for your golden years? If you haven’t factored in the high costs of long-term care, you still have some work to do. Baby Boomers are aging. The sooner you accept this…more

When to Retire? It’s Not a Simple Matter of Turning 65

A lot of factors will play into how long you should keep working, and how much. The bottom line: You still have a lot to offer. There are many experts advising others on the subject of retirement. You hear things…more