Ingram's Magazine: January 2014

General Assembly Industry Outlook

[caption id="attachment_14097" align="alignright" width="600"] (seated, left to right): Nancy Russell, Metropolitan Community College; Steve Dunn, J.E. Dunn Construction (co-sponsor and host); Ralph Reid, Sprint Corp. (co-sponsor); Maurice Watson, Husch Blackwell; John Murphy, Shook, Hardy & Bacon (co-chair and co-sponsor);Bill Ebel,…more

Inside Banking Kansas City

A lot has indeed changed in the years since the first banks set up shop in the mid-19th century. And a lot has changed in just the past five years, with new major players jumping into an already competitive market.…more

A massive U.S. Retirement Crisis Is on the Horizon

As reported recently by The Associated Press, the imminent retirement crisis facing us has only worsened due to the 2008 Great Recession and subsequent stock market crash, and will negatively impact huge numbers of Americans for decades. The AP correctly…more

Kansas City @ 2054

Looking back, urban historians point to the date of Nov. 5, 2013, as a turning point in the fate not just of Missouri, but of the nation. That was the day when 84 percent of the voters in the dependably…more

Elightening Leadership

Nowhere in the Harvard Business School roster of roughly 130 separate cour-ses is one that deals with paranoia as a cornerstone of executive leadership. But Ben Legg doesn’t walk through the doors of Adknowledge in the morning without it.“From an…more

Light the Candles

An anniversary year is often cause for introspection, a time to reflect on both stellar achievements and missed opportunities, and to look at what’s yet to come. That’s certainly been the case for us at Ingram’s as we close in…more

Kansas City Legends

       To be candid, something about the phrase “giving back” has always nagged at us here at Ingram’s. Part of that is because of the exclusivity of its use: When was the last time you heard that term…more

Growing Kansas City: From Challenge Comes Strength

Compared to most of the 40 years since the founding of Ingram’s magazine, the period since the so-called Great Recession has not been easy. Yet, despite the challenges, the region’s economic scene is realizing some of the most significant developments…more

Hey, Kansas City: We’ve Got You Covered

Over the course of four decades, any city can decline, and quite a few have. Not all of them will rise from their self-induced ashes. Kansas City is one that refused to go gently into that good night. And, from…more

Charging Into a 40th Year

That’s life in business in these United States. The companies that stood still became data points on the wrong side of SBA charts about business life expectancies. Even today, more than half the companies launched in this country fail to…more

Win! Win! Win!

It’s rare in our society where everyone comes out a winner. As Ingram’s celebrates its 40th year, the wins are in alignment:• As a regularly featured columnist since 2008, I’ve had the honor of branding myself in the Kansas City marketplace.…more

Where Have You Gone, Norma Rae?

You can read The Kansas City Star from now until wood pulp is banned, and you won’t read an article, at least a sympathetic one, about a woman like Mary Hill. A Kansas City registered nurse and mother of three,…more

The First Forty … and Beyond

Quite the contrary: Many new, exciting things are unfolding here at Ingram’s Media, and we’re thrilled at the prospect of broadening and deepening our service to the greater Kansas City area business community. More on that in a minute.In this,…more