Ingram's Magazine: January 2023

2023 Executive of the Year: Ray Kowalik

Cutting grass. That’s what comes to mind when Ray Kowalik reflects on making the move from project-level engineering work to taking on the mantle of executive leadership. That’s something he experienced in 2007. After 20 years of successful project management…more

President: Tammy Peterman

You can’t talk to Tammy Peterman about her brand of executive leadership without regular references to caring and compassion. Or teamwork and collaboration. Or communication and empathy.  Each has been a key asset in her rise to president of the…more

Chief Operating Officer: Steve Levy

Steve Levy returned to his native Jamaica in 1984 when he received an offer from his uncle to serve as the construction manager for a large 2 million square feet warehouse complex in Kingston. That was the opportunity that really…more

Chief Financial Officer: Jeff Poe

Jeff Poe learned about the value of business networking at a venue that has almost completely vanished from the American landscape: The drug-store soda fountain. This one was set in his hometown of Kirksville, Mo., and the pharmacy—his father’s—was also…more

KA-CHING! The region’s power plays of 2022

Dan Duffy and Scott DeNeve High-interest rates, low inventory, buyers priced out of the market by soaring home values. America’s housing market was in shambles throughout 2022. Except for . . . Platinum Realty and United Real Estate Group, which…more

Chief People Officer: Stephanie Price

If you’re disappointed by the state of America’s political climate today—well, Stephanie Price is way ahead of you. Once upon a career, she envisioned working in the political realm after securing a degree in public communications. It took exactly one…more

Chief Information Officer: Blake Rooney

When Blake Rooney was a kid, he enjoyed regular visits to his godparents’ home in Burbank, Calif. His godfather was the city manager there, and Rooney recalls that “he was into computers before anyone else.” That’s a bit of an…more

Chief Marketing Officer: Beth Wade

At the region’s largest advertising agency, Beth Wade pushes VMLY&R toward its future by drawing on figures from her past. A product of the Kansas City area, Wade says she was influenced early in life by extended family, including a…more

Caution Ahead

If you think of the nation’s economy as a road and various performance indicators as a traffic signal, we enter 2023 staring at a yellow caution light. It’s not red—yet. But it could get there. So say economists and wealth…more

Milestones 2023: Corporate Anniversaries

Since we launched the Milestones feature in January 2015, it’s been an exercise in celebration: Each year, we see new company names thrust into the ranks of sesquicentennial survivors, centenarians and those lighting the candles on a diamond or golden…more

Outlook 2023: KC Builders See Opportunity

Kansas City is about to open a new front door to the world, with the single-terminal configuration of its new international airport officially just weeks away. Unofficially, the construction at KCI is done, project executives said this month; now it’s…more

Construction and Engineering Industry Outlook

(front row, left to right): Todd Winnerman, MW Builders; Darcy Stewart, JE Dunn Construction; Steve Swanson, Centric; Pete Browne, Kissick Construction; Jeff Blaesing, JE Dunn Construction (Event Chair); Rosie Privitera Biondo, Mark One Electric; Chris Vaeth, McCownGordon Construction. (back row, left to right): Gabe Perez, United Contractors of Kansas…more

Q&A With . . . Bill Johnson

Q: It’s been a wild ride in the energy markets since February last year and Mr. Putin’s excursion; what’s your assessment of the U.S. energy sector overall, and how well-positioned is it for stability in 2023? A: Before Ukraine, it…more

Strategies To Save Money On Taxes In Retirement

There are many retirement tax strategies you should be aware of. You may even be looking for how to avoid taxes on withdrawals from your 401k or other investment accounts. It’s tempting to look for an IRS loophole to reduce…more

Powell’s Distinctly Hawkish Forecast

As expected, the Fed recently raised interest rates by 50 basis points (1/2 a percent), but there were also plenty of mostly hawkish surprises in its new forecast.  A scattering of 2023 forecasts came in as expected, but there was…more