Ingram's Magazine: October 2018

October 2018: Digital Edition

This issue presents you with a wide range of content spotlighting two remarkable subsets of Kansas Citians, from the new kids on the block to seasoned veterans. Grab our October 2018 publication to read about our 20 in Their Twenties…more

Top Doctors

Two decades ago, neurologist Marilyn Rymer was included in the first class of Ingram’s Top Doctors program, and she’s been a part of the program most every year since, with influential nominations of strong players in the provider space. She…more

20 in their Twenties

SEIZING THE DAY, EVERY DAY Construction waste management, commercial real-estate development, financial tech, nutritional and personal products, financial services—this year’s 20 in Their Twenties honorees hail from an eclectic mix of business disciplines. But all bring to their jobs every…more

Special Report: Millennials at Work

Career, Collaboration and Life in the City for Twentysomethings In past years, 20 in Their Twenties classes have been concerned with busting stereotypes and redefining the Millennial generation as one of tireless work rather than one of entitlement. But for…more

Unique Opportunities Await Young Investors

As we celebrate the achievements and outlooks of this issue’s young professionals, it’s easy to get excited about the future. There’s a tremendous amount of talent represented within these pages that gives credence to the phrase “the best is yet…more

A Matter of Degrees

For the record, the four-year college degree isn’t going away. Neither is the masters, nor the doctoral degree. Change may indeed occur within the ivory towers, but 1,000 years of Western educational culture isn’t going to vanish any time soon.…more

Press Credentials

Johannes Guttenberg’s contribution to Western culture withstood a great many challenges over the course of half a millennium, but the explosive onset of digital a quarter-century ago was billed as the obituary for print communications. But to borrow from one…more

A Beautiful Night to Chill Out

Hands-down, the best venue for networking with the leaders of Kansas City’s most successful companies each year is October’s Best of Business Kansas City/Corporate Report 100 awards celebration. This year’s festivities in the Crossroads, as usual, summoned hundreds of people…more

Non-Competes Are Still a Dynamic – and Valuable – Force

I can’t tell you the number of times a new client has told me “I’ve heard that non-competes aren’t really enforceable.” This is simply not true.  Non-competition agreements are still very much alive and enforceable in Missouri and Kansas, as…more