Ingram's Magazine: March 2016

Innovation Central

The region has transformed itself as a biomedical and tech center over the past decade. But executives say we’re just getting started. Here’s something to ponder. In 2015 alone: • Entrepreneur magazine included Kansas City area in a feature titled…more

In the Dodd-Frank Aftermath

FIVE YEARS AFTER THE MASSIVE REGULATORY BOMB DROPPED on nation’s banking system, the true impacts are tarting to emerge—and not necessarily in ways that the reformers had promised. July 21, 2010, represents a watershed day in U.S. banking history: On…more

Balancing Acts

At the intersection of law-firm practice and corporate in-house legal services, powerful forces are changing the nature of longstanding relationships—and creating opportunities for new ones. About this time a year ago, Craig Evans made the leap. He left his law-firm…more

A Tribute to Those Who Were Called to Serve

The menu may have featured bacon and eggs, but the 2016 Heroes in Healthcare awards breakfast was really more of a smorgasbord. It served up laughter, solemnity, an occasional teary eye and a whole lot of grateful appreciation for the…more

Roots of the Family Tree

The successful family-owned company has a special place in the world of business. The premise is simple enough: “My family is the most important thing to me, so why not spend every day with the people I love most, working…more

Getting to the Heart of the Tech Talent Challenge

Now’s the time for this region to get ahead of issues looming in the technology work force. Consider this: Just four years from now, in 2020, there will be 1.4 million open tech jobs for only 400,000 graduates, according to…more

Security Policies Every Small Business Should Have

You don’t have to have a big-business IT budget, or the staff to match, to bolster your company’s security profile. If you work in or own a small business, do you have security? Security is no longer limited to the…more

Navigating Volatile Markets in Retirement

Gyrating equity markets? Puny interest rates? Don’t waver from discipline, diversification. For investors who are in or near retirement, the current market conditions present a unique set of challenges in portfolio management. After several years of robust equity returns coming…more

‘The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers.’

Memorable, yes, but not exactly an accurate reflection on modern legal services.Shakespeare’s famous line, uttered by Dick the Butcher in “Henry VI”, has long been debated. Was it a lawyer-bashing proclamation of the ultimate obtainable utopia (imagine a world without…more

Sales: Love It or Leave It. Literally.

No love, no relationship—and no sale. Do you love sales? Do you love what you do? Do you love your product? Do you love your company? Do you love your customers? These are not questions I pulled out of the…more

The Streetcar Named Disorder

Even before the first passenger has taken a seat, the Downtown streetcar shows us why buried rails were best left untouched. At $102 million, it’s an expensive lesson. A video posted on The Kansas City Star Web site reminds us…more

A Greater Kansas City

Inside this month’s edition, you’ll find an intriguing—and uplifting—report on the changing nature of Kansas City’s ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation, especially within the technology sector. It’s a measure of how, and how much, the regional economy is changing around…more