Ingram's Magazine: June 2016

Best Companies to Work For: 2016

 From Compensation to Paid Time Off, Training to Advancement Opportunities and more. These Companies Lead the WayWhat’s baked into the cake of a great place to work? The recipe starts with leadership and vision. And it includes ingredients that not only energize…more

Ingram’s 100: KC’s Top 100 Private Companies

Ostensibly, this feature is about big businesses—the biggest that the Kansas City region has to offer. But in a way, it’s about planting trees.You start with seeds or saplings, nurture them for years, even decades, and end up with a…more

Loan Rangers

A decade of turbulence in the banking sector hasn’t deterred these locally owned banks in the Kansas City region.It’s been a wild ride in U.S. bank lending over the past decade, one that in some ways is like a roller…more

Between the Lines

So Why All The Hysteria About Kansas Schools?If you set aside the emotional issues that underpin the debate, the numbers and facts completely reframe the discussion.OK, let’s start this essay with a quiz: Who makes more, the departing superintendent of…more


Sales Moves: Early Signals That the Prospect is Ready to Buy

He or she will give you the clue what you’re looking for if you just pay attention—and that means truly listening to them. Between the presentation and the close of the sale are buying signals. Recognizing the signals to buy…more