Ingram's Magazine: April 2015

Healthcare & Insurance Industry Outlook

ACA Cost, Compliance Issues Coming to When Ingram’s launched the Industry Outlook series 16 years ago, we wondered if there would be enough new material in any given sector year-to-year to keep it fresh. Within months of that first assembly,…more

A Whole New Ball Game

Whether it's a matter of finances, demographics or changing preferences on use of time, the golfing scene—in Kansas City and around the nation—is changing If global trends are any indication, golfing in the Kansas City region these days is as…more

No Sugar-Coating It

Diabetes presents unique challenges for business executives and their staffs, but increased emphasis on regional research is taking aim at a national problem. You finish college and get that first job as a ball of fire, pulling the late-night shifts,…more

ACA Reporting: Deadlines are Around the Bend

True compliance impact is about to hit, so many small businesses need to act now. What do employers need to undertake related to Affordable Care Act reporting? The IRS, in February, released final forms and instructions for employers to prepare.…more

Business Incentives Still a Priority for Kansas City Region

If we focus too much on the regional border dispute, we’re going to miss opportunities that will benefit the broader bistate area. Many articles have been written over the years about the availability of economic incentives in Missouri and Kansas…more

Better to Reign in KC Than Serve in Heaven?

Another year, another proposal to improve public education in Kansas City—and another set of disappointments. A few years back, I had the occasion to speak to a group of inmates at a high-security California prison. The meeting was going well…more

Making Good on a Show-Me Challenge

We’re pleased to introduce Ingram’s 2015 Class of 40 Under Forty There’s a reason why we chose Show-Me Publishing as the name for the corporate entity that publishes Ingram’s: I’m a Missouri guy, and when you tell me to take…more

40 Under Forty 2015

40 Under Forty 2015: What's in a Number?  There’s something about 40. It’s mentioned nearly 150 times in the Bible (from Noah’s 40 days and nights of rain to the Israelites’ 40 years of wandering to the 40 days Jesus…more