Ingram's Magazine: February 2019

Icons of Education 2019

The leaders of tomorrow are not products of wishful thinking; they will come from the ranks of students being taught by dedicated and caring educators. And the very best among those who have committed their lives to that cause are…more

February 2019: Digital Edition

Here is your on-line version of Ingram's print issue for February 2019, featuring our Icons of Education, Heroes in Healthcare, and our coverage of higher education, commercial real estate and the efforts to reduce crime in Kansas City.  more

A New Age in College Education

If you want to know the scope of the challenges facing higher education in the United States, consider these two items: Undergraduate enrollment peaked at more than 10 million in 2009, but began declining and has yet to fully recover.…more

Heroes in Healthcare 2019

Here’s something of a thought experiment: Imagine that you’re face to face with a client, a vendor, a customer. You may know him well, or be meeting him for the first time. You are seeing that person at perhaps the…more

Q&A: Chief Rick Smith, KCPD

The police chief in a city troubled by violent crime addresses realistic responses and reasons to be hopeful, an outlines an agenda for engaging the business community to alter the balance on a quality-of-life issue. Q: We hear from a…more

Crime in KC: Who Has the Answers?

Kansas City has a crime problem. And police chief Rick Smith is correct when he says that it’s not merely a law enforcement problem, it’s a problem that requires solutions from the entire community. That includes the civilian leadership. Every…more

Looking to Lead

National politics and local concerns of women in business leadership positions intertwined on Feb. 4 in an assembly called to mark the official launch of Steve Miller’s campaign for mayor of Kansas City. It’s often been said that the Kansas…more

Opportunity Knocks

In his 2012 book titled “The Laws of Opportunity,” Suoyo Aganaba wrote that “opportunity most often presents itself as a problem that demands a solution.” It’s just possible, then, that the economic-development incentives built into the tax reforms of 2017…more

2019 Commercial Real Estate Industry Outlook

How would you characterize a commercial real-estate market where rents today, in many cases, are unchanged from 10 years, 15 years, even 20 years ago? One might think it a market in distress. But anecdotal instances of that, while telling…more