Ingram's Magazine: December 2016

2016 Year in Review

    As we look ahead to the dawn of 2017 and what the turning of that calendar page might mean for business, there’s something different in the air. It smells like . . . optimism. Whether that’s grounded in…more

Corporate Champions

Capitalism, as disciples of Adam Smith might attest, works best when an unfettered self-interest is at work: Two parties seeking an exchange of goods or services that provides a benefit to each. But there’s a flip side to that coin,…more

Sales Moves

    It’s likely you will be with family over the holidays. Great times. Reunions. Happiness. Tears of sadness and joy. Great food. Gifts. People you love. People you kind of love. And did I mention great food? Most people—not…more

A Wreck in Progress

    For six years, Republicans in Washington have been racing headlong after Obamacare, like the neighborhood stray chasing the ice cream truck. Come Jan. 3, they’ll have something they can sink their teeth into.     That’s the opening…more

LOCAL HEROES: Class of 2016

    Ask anyone in the not-for-profit world and they’ll tell you that teamwork is essential to fulfilling the mission of his or her organization.     We’ve found that the same thing holds true for their benefactors, as well.…more

SPECIAL REPORT: Millennials at Work

    When Ingram’s presented its first 20 in Their Twenties awards back in 2008, the leading edge of the Millennial generation was swimming right in the middle of that candidate pool, at roughly 25 years old. Looking back, we…more

Long-Term Care Costs, Issues Elicit Strong Emotions

    A delicate challenge many of us face is broaching the subject of Mom’s/Dad’s potential future need for long-term care (“LTC”). These tips may help you raise the topic effectively.     When someone needs LTC, each relative experiences…more

The Current Environment for Charitable Giving

Part of the process for effective management of wealth is how to apply the assets (or the value they represent) to accomplish the purposes that best suit your situation.  One important aspect of that planning is to determine how best…more