Ingram's Magazine: August 2018

August 2018: Digital Edition

The August 2018 edition features the 30 year anniversary of the Best of Business Kansas City awards. Readers sounded in, and the winners are here. Click this link to read about all the best restaurants, services, entertainment and products our…more

Best of Business Kansas City 2018: Our 30th Year

Why Excellence Matters The readers have spoken—again. For a 30th year, Ingram’s readers have sounded off on the Best of Business Kansas City awards, applying their highly refined tastes to designate their favorite restaurants, theaters, charitable fund-raisers, nightspots, museums, family-outing venues…more

Best of Business Kansas City 2018 Awards

Wining and Dining BEST BARBECUE Kansas City has been synonymous with high-quality barbecue for quite some time now. It may be difficult to pick a favorite, but FIORELLA’S JACK STACK BARBECUE, stacks up the flavors and takes home the Gold.…more

Shifting Horizons

Circle this date on your calendar: Dec. 31, 2031. What’s special about that particular New Year’s Eve? It’s the date on which the very last members of the Baby Boom generation, born just before the clock ran out on 1964,…more

A Clarion Call for Young Investors

You’ve probably heard that wealth-management dictum about the need to save early in life. To wit, that someone who starts saving in the 10 years before turning 30—and then stops those contributions altogether, but earns 6 percent on that investment…more

What Is Certain About Estate Planning In Uncertain Times?

Like the Midwestern weather, if you are looking for a change in the estate planning landscape, just wait for a little while—it will change. Going back to the 1990s, the estate tax exemption was $600,000, so estate-planning attorneys focused on…more

Stress Tests

Weight-loss programs. Smoking cessation support. Health-club memberships and discounts. Biometrics-based insurance-premium incentives. Healthy snack offerings. The strategies and tactics of improved employee health and fitness are innumerable, and U.S. companies have invested billions in the battle to reduce the costs…more

How to Keep the Family Business Alive for Generations

But, in the day-to-day grind of running the business, they don’t plan for the future. Studies report that 80 percent of family own- ed businesses do not pass successfully to the second generation. Of the 20 percent that do, 80…more