Ingram's Magazine: April 2014

Seven Elements of Bulletproof Internal Investigations

Most companies have a good deal of latitude in how they perform internal investigations of electronic information, but the driving question should always be: Will this investigation pass muster under the questioning of a judge and jury? After recently testifying…more

Investing 101: Asset Managers vs. Wealth Managers

In an investment world full of industry jargon, fancy titles and new-fangled investment products, it can be a daunting task just to find the answer to the simple question, “Which financial firm is the right firm for me?” As president…more

1,000 Social-Media Sales Leads: A Plan of Action

You can get there from here, but it’s going to require a strategic use of available tools.I have a goal and a plan to attract 1,000 leads in the next 30 days. But before I get into the strategy and…more

GOP ‘16 Overture Creates Opportunities to Shine

I’ve heard somewhere that we embrace spring because it renews our sense that all things are possible. That’s especially true after such a long and ferocious winter. And this year, the possibilities surround us: Lawns and landscapes are bursting alive…more

A Chief Health Concern

Consider the CEO and the Bus Driver. Each spends a disproportionate number of hours every day doing something that health counselors discourage—sitting. At the end of his shift, the Bus Driver will go home. The CEO, by contrast, might be…more

Healthcare and Insurance Outlook

When Ingram’s started its Industry Outlook series 15 years ago, we worried that an annual review of a given industry just might get repetitive. Then Sept. 11 happened, and we were reminded of just how susceptible to change even the…more

40 Under Forty 2014

The first class of Ingram’s 40 Under Forty, in 1998, proved prescient: among its members were high achievers who would validate their selections by going on to become president of the region’s biggest bank, owner of an influential ad agency,…more

You Can’t Solve A Problem That You Won’t Name

Google “Kansas City Zoo,” and the headlines that jump out are ones that civic leaders would rather did not, headlines like this one from The Kansas City Star on March 18: “Free day at Kansas City Zoo ends in violence.”…more

Roots of the Border War

Here’s today’s history lesson, to be followed shortly by an exercise in dot-connecting: May 30, 1854:  Congress approves the Kansas-Nebraska Act, effectively overturning the Missouri Compromise of 1820. October 1855: Abolitionist John Brown arrives in Kansas. Dec. 6, 1855: Thomas…more