Destination Kansas City 2020

Ingram’s 2020 Digital Edition of Destination Kansas City

Ingram’s 2020 Edition of Destination Kansas City highlights the best of what the metro area has to offer, from area attractions, to quality of life, to why more and more companies are choosing to do business in the Heartland's most exciting…more

2020 Greater Kansas City Economic Development Assembly

What will it take to drive growth across a region as broad and economically diverse as Kansas City? That was the outline for a thoughtful, several hour conversation involving two dozen of the area’s most influential business executives on Nov.…more

Sports Excellence Starts in the Middle

Six stinking inches. Dee Ford’s hand is placed six inches back across the line of scrimmage, and the Kansas City Chiefs are in Super Bowl LIII in February 2019.  But because the now-ex-Chief nudged over the line and drew that…more

Kansas City: The Sports-Design Mecca

Question: How did the 26th-largest city in the nation in 1970 emerge, half a century later, as the undisputed global center of design excellence in sports architecture? If you boil it down to two words, Earl Santee says they might…more

FIFA 2026: Ain’t That a Kick?

That’s when North America will host the men’s FIFA Word Cup, and Kansas City is one of 17 cities in the United States that have been chosen as finalists to host the events. That number will be whittled down to…more

Reasons to Choose: Transportation and Infrastructure

If you’ve ever been to Maine, you’ll never mistake Kansas City for part of the Pine Tree State. But one of the best things about being here and scouting the map for routes to Maine—or Oregon, Florida or California—is that,…more

Reasons to Choose: Prime Location

It is also somewhat confusing, because this diverse area has so many types of economic activities. While one of the area’s strengths is its lack of reliance on a single industry, this diversity complicates any attempt at a simple generalization. …more

Reasons to Choose: Cost of Living

It spoke volumes about how Kansas City is perceived by people on the East Coast: In June, the USDA announced that it would be moving two of is divisions out of the Washington D.C. area, bound for Kansas City. And…more

Reasons to Choose: Real Estate Values

There are many ways to measure a  community’s attractiveness as a place to live, work and do business. Not many of those metrics are as telling as real-estate values, whether its for the price of a home or the site…more

Reasons to Choose: Education

State Line? A problem? That might be true in other communities divided by state lines, but in Kansas City, there’s one unanticipated blessing that flows from being a metropolitan area straddling two states is a wealth of public educational offerings.…more

Reasons to Choose: Health Care and Community Services

When you think about health-care delivery in the Kansas City market, you’re talking about more than just a metro area. It’s a robust network of hospitals—non-profit and for-profit acute-care facilities, independent health authorities and municipally owned medical centers, community hospitals,…more

Business Culture: A Productive Work Force

Writing for the Show-Me Institute in 2016, Wendell Cox observed that the Kansas City area stood out as a location for business based on multiple factors, but one had a particular relevance to employers: Productivity. “Kansas City compares favorably to…more

Business Culture: Business Climate and Economic Conditions

The bad news—if you’re a bad news-first sort of person—is that Kansas slipped from No. 4 to No. 7 in the 10-state region that includes  Missouri and the bordering states, and from No. 23 a year ago to 28th this…more

Lifestyles: Quality of Life

All of them are meant to sum up that Kansas City has the amenities of that of a larger metropolis without being overwhelming, both in size and cost. And legend has it, the people are pretty nice.  Zia Lohrasbi found…more

Lifestyles: Hospitality and Tourism

Those are still center stage, but now there is a bigger on the area, along with additional world-class options, especially in the sports realm, for visitors to enjoy and several more places for them to stay on their trip. The…more

Lifestyles: Entertainment and Culture

Many in Kansas City, and beyond, might very well agree with the famous author, but even if they don’t, visitors and residents alike are bound to conclude that being a serious restaurant town is one of the area’s many entertainment…more