Saturday May 5, 2018 • 8:30 AM • English Landing Park • $30-$39

8:30 AM

The GRACE Race 5k supports those who have lost a loved one to addiction and honors those who are currently living in recovery.  The race is set for May 5th 2018 but you can also choose a virtual option which allows you to run the race on your own time while still supporting the cause.

GRACE is an acronym that stands for Giving Recovering Addicts a Chance to Evolve.  We partner with Oxford House, Inc. to provide sober living homes in the KC metro area for those who are recovering from addiction to drugs or alcohol.  We opened our first house in 2017, with a goal to open 5 more homes in 2018 and 20 by 2020!  All of the funds raised by GRACE go toward Outreach Workers and a revolving loan that is provided to each new house that opens.  Sadly there is a much bigger demand for these homes than there is supply.  I invite you to visit our website at: . 

To register for the event please visit