Meet This Year’s Class of Ingram’s 250

Sep 21, 2017
About a year ago, we were well into the first steps on a new journalistic journey here at Ingram’s: Conducting the first interviews for a feature we call the Ingram’s 250, a compilation of the most powerful business executives in… more

Here’s to the Best of What Kansas City Offers

Aug 4, 2017
It’s been really fun preparing this month’s issue of Ingram’s. Our August edition has, for many years, been a lifestyle issue and the primary content of this fun annual issue is Ingram’s Best of Business Kansas City Awards. This is… more

How Air Conditioning and Air Travel Kept a Lid on Kansas City

Aug 4, 2017
Being an American today requires an understanding of how technology changed the way the nation’s mid-section is viewed.  If you watch a lot of old movies as I do, you might notice that movies from ’30s and ’40s mention “Kansas… more

Taking Off: Ingram’s 2017 Corporate Report 100

Jul 14, 2017
This year marks the 20th occurrence of our team’s administering the annual Corporate Report 100 ranking of the fastest-growing companies headquartered in the greater Kansas City region. The CR100 competition is actually in its 32nd year—we’re honored to be able… more

Don Alexander’s Excellent American Adventure

Jul 14, 2017
In 1992, President George Bush nominated local industrialist and philanthropist Don Alexander to be U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands. Not until The New York Times reported on Alexander’s background on the eve of that confirmation did anyone know how harrowing… more

A Remarkably Healthy Ranking of the KC Area’s Top Private Companies

Jun 13, 2017
The ebb and flow of company growth and retraction is an interesting dynamic to observe. Our editors have made it easy to study the area’s leading private firms and how they’re trending. Most companies on the Ingram’s 100 continue to grow… more

City Regulators, Airbnb and the Road From Serfdom

Jun 13, 2017
In the same week that the city of Kansas City, Missouri, published its proposed new rules to regulate Airbnb, I just happened to be re-reading F.A. Hayek’s classic, The Road to Serfdom. My guess is that Hayek would not smile… more

A 15-Year Perspective on Funding Higher Education

May 11, 2017
While the state of Kansas was facing some very difficult decisions, potentially involving dramatic budget cuts, the hammer had already fallen on funding public universities in Missouri. Missouri’s General Assembly and Gov. Bob Holden had just approved a remarkable 37… more

Entrepreneurship: Where Great Minds Come to Meld

May 11, 2017
Not long ago, I had the pleasure of moderating a two-person panel on the subject of entrepreneurship. On the surface, the two panelists had close to nothing in common. One was a 24-year-old New Yorker born into a modest family… more

Why the ‘Brownback Experiment’ Had to Fail

Mar 15, 2017
The Kansas City Star sowed the seeds for the failed harvest of the “Brownback experiment” the very day that Gov. Sam Brownback signed the epic tax-cut bill into law in May 2012. The first full sentence of the newspaper’s report… more