Why the ‘Brownback Experiment’ Had to Fail

Mar 15, 2017
The Kansas City Star sowed the seeds for the failed harvest of the “Brownback experiment” the very day that Gov. Sam Brownback signed the epic tax-cut bill into law in May 2012. The first full sentence of the newspaper’s report… more

Why Is VW Still Selling Cars in America?

Mar 15, 2017
It’s interesting, and more than a touch ironic, that as we released the March print issue with a feature on successful emerging brands, America is witnessing one brand in steep decline: Volkswagen. Nearly three years after the German auto maker… more

So Much for the Valentine’s Day Massacre

Feb 23, 2017
I earned a lifetime teaching degree while at Mizzou, and like those icons we feature in this issue, I particularly enjoy the classroom environment and interaction with students. Consider Ingram’s, if you will, Continuing Ed for the business professional. At… more

Puppies May Save KC’s Bond Deal. Pavement Won’t.

Feb 23, 2017
In 2010, activists succeeded in getting a proposition on the Missouri ballot with the title, “Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act.” Not surprisingly, the measure passed. At the time, I commented on KCPT’s Kansas City Week in Review that if I… more

The Digital Age Needs a Godfather or Two

Jan 27, 2017
“You found paradise in America,” Don Corleone tells Bonasera, the mortician, in the opening scene of The Godfather. “You had a good trade. You made a good living. The police protected you and there were courts of law.” As Don… more

Reflections on 20 Years of Heroes

Dec 23, 2016
    When you run a monthly magazine, you get 12 bites at the content apple every year, so you work hard to make them count. The nature of news means that, as we look ahead to each year’s editorial… more

Can Local Hospitals End-Run Obamacare?

Dec 23, 2016
    “So you’ve got this crazy system,” said former president Bill Clinton at a pre-election rally this fall in Michigan, “where all of a sudden 25 million more people have healthcare and then the people who are out there… more

Here Are 250 Good Reasons Why Kansas City Works

Nov 18, 2016
    It’s with great pleasure that we’re able to deliver the inaugural edition of Ingram’s 250. It’s a digest of extraordinary people who, our editors believe, are the most powerful, influential and accomplished business leaders in the greater Kansas… more

The Creative Class Approach Meets Reality

Nov 18, 2016
    In 2002, almost in step with a millennium and the crop of self-important young swells identified with it, urban studies theorist Richard Florida published the absurdly influential book, “Rise of the Creative Class.” Lately, however, urban planners have… more

High Atop the Town

Oct 17, 2016
Random Thoughts: We may not retire independently wealthy, but I have to tell you that serving as publisher of Ingram’s for 20 years (come February) has enabled me to get to know thousands of the brightest and most talented business… more