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We invite area businesses to align with us to spotlight this region’s commercial might.

By Joe Sweeney

As we wind down the year, our team at Ingram’s is focused forward on our 45th Anniversary year. The harsh reality of years in business for a media property is that they tend to correlate with dog years and they’re perhaps even more exaggerated with print media. Outside of New York, it seems as if there aren’t many locally owned media properties any more. Ingram’s is one of the few and perhaps among the larger locally-owned media properties in this region.

Prior to the purchase of the magazine, I had a lengthy conversation with the CEO of Heritage Media. Paul Fiddick understood the importance of Ingram’s to Kansas City and suggested that I submit a bid to acquire the property. I recall we were initially among the lower bidders, but Paul liked us and we negotiated the sale. We both felt it was a good fit.

Michelle and I are celebrating our 22nd year and it’s a bit unique that we’ve led this enterprise for half of its rich history. It’s honestly hard to believe so many years have passed since we acquired Ingram’s in the late ’90s.

We’ve worked hard to create innovate programming and a variety of annual traditions. I can say with-out hesitation, however, that our favorite edition of the year is the Philanthropy special edition each December. It’s also the most challenging from an economic standpoint. But like the mind-set of donors, there’s a more important mission than profit with our calling each December—dedicating that month’s edition to the subject of Philanthropy and serving community needs by helping to position non-profits and their interests.

More than two decades at Ingram’s is a reminder that we’re nearing the sunset in our own careers in this role and that we, too, should be considering succession. We’re pretty big on milestones and anniversaries here, and God willing, we’ll be here to deliver the 50th Anniversary edition in January 2024.

So much for jumping too far ahead. Next month begins Ingram’s 45th year and we’ve been working on a terrific anniversary edition. The 35th year edition in 2008 was 200 pages and indisputably the largest business magazine in America that month. When Jack Cashill and I interviewed Steve Forbes soon after the release of that edition, Steve dropped his jaw when he held the issue. I just wish our ad rates rivaled those of Forbes.

We see these next two issues as must-read content for anyone who wants to know what Kansas City is like as a place to live, to work or to own and operate a business.

So what’s on the horizon next month?

Glad you asked. We’re inviting the regional business community along for a terrific content ride. First, we’re rolling out what should be two of our three biggest print products of the year: The 2019 edition of The Power Book, and our January 45th anniversary special edition (see pages 66 and 67).

We think these two issues are of paramount importance. The Power Book will chronicle the biggest and best of Kansas City business, a compilation of lists we researched during 2018. The Top Private Companies, Top Public Companies, leading companies in construction, law, accounting and architecture; the biggest hospitals, insurers, public and private universities—in short, a compendium of bedrock organizations upon which the Kansas City economy is built.

The January edition will celebrate Ingram’s 45th year of serving as a chronicle of business growth in this region. We’ll introduce a new cohort of Legends, spotlight other companies that will be celebrating milestone anniversaries in 2019, and we’ll deeply explore the history of
business in the KC area and trends that define and redefining commerce in this region, and much more. We see these two issues as must-read content for anyone who wants to know what Kansas City is like as a place to live, to work or to own and operate a business.

Both of these unique editions create ideal positioning opportunities for organizations who strive to lead business in their sectors. The support of
our advertising partners makes this kind of pro-business
content possible—we could publish it with your support. It’s coverage, I’ll wager, you won’t find in any another medium in this market.

We’ve said it before: Yes, we’re biased—in favor of business growth. That’s our commitment to a region that has blessed us as an organization for 45 years, and blessed us personally, as owners, for half that time. We invite you to join us on this journey as we navigate our Year 45 and produce two great issues to start it off. 

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