Ingram's Magazine: October 2013

The Sale-Leaseback: Is It Right for Your Portfolio?

From an investor’s perspective, a sale-leaseback transaction is not without risk. With the Dow at or near an all-time high and bond yields at abnormally low levels, so-called “sale-leasebacks” have risen in popularity among alternative investments. Although sale-leasebacks can cover…more

Help! My Main Contact Left, and I’m Panicked!

Help! My Main Contact Left, and I’m Panicked! Dear Jeffrey, I sell copiers in New York, and this year I finished as the No. 1 rep in the nation. Recently I have been noticing a high turnover of people (including…more

In KC’s Office Market, the Times They Are a-Changin’

Regional realty market dynamics differ, depending on Downtown or suburbs. I went to see Bob Dylan live a few years back to cross him off the list of living legends I wanted to see in person. At the end of…more

A Looming Boom

From home inspectors to electricians to residential builders and the region’s largest contractors, a powerful sense of optimism at long last runs through the construction sector. Are we back? It hasn’t grabbed the big headlines one might imagine, given where…more


Small business in Higbee thrives using a natural resource unique to the state—Missouri white oak. A&K Cooperage Forty years ago, the legal drinking age in Missouri was exactly the same as it is today: 21. Which means Matt Kirby was…more


Who’s Schooling Whom? Jack Cashill’s recent piece on the broken K–12 system, “Don’t Tweak Failing Public Schools—Destroy Them,” [Ingram’s, September 2013] was refreshingly honest. A complete overhaul of public education is needed, not more versions of The Emperor’s New Clothes. Some…more

Leading Law Firms

Fifty at THE TOP, Introducing Kansas City’s Leading Law Firms. The business of law continues to change across America, and the ripples wash over Kansas City’s legal community. Last month, one of this region’s Big 5 firms—Stinson Morrison Hecker—announced that…more


MarketCenter SoldTiffany Springs MarketCenter, 240,000-square foot of retail off MO 152 and I-29 has been sold to American Realty Capital Retail Centers of America, a New York firm, for $53.5 million. The center’s 29 tenants currently account for 88 percent…more

The Sale-Leaseback: Is It Right for Your Business?

Transactions can help companies seeking more efficient uses of their capital. Sale-leasebacks continue to provide attractive financial opportunities for both real-estate investors and companies seeking to use their real-estate assets in the most efficient manner. Although long-term interest rates have…more

‘Of the People, by the People and for the People’

Somehow, we the people have to regain control of events in Washington. Two weeks into the so-called government shutdown—which by some accounts actually amounts to a 17 percent reduction in operations, with other 83 percent still functioning—it’s pretty clear that…more

Who’s the Next Downtown Anchor?

Blessed with large organizations that employ thousands, Downtown looks to a new wave of growing companies that can add vibrancy to the central business district. Financial services, health care and government at all levels are sectors that drive employment in…more

‘A Happier Place’

Six and Oh!  The Chiefs’ glittering start to the 2013 season is a source of civic pride that can’t be found anywhere else. Mark Donovan has plenty to think about these days. He’s president of the Kansas City Chiefs, and…more

Reasons to Celebrate

As a brilliant fall day melted into a spectacular evening, the distinct vibe of business success buzzed across the Freight House portion of the Crossroads district on Sept. 26. Once again, it was a clarion for Ingram’s Magazine’s annual Best…more

Paving Your Neighborhood With Good Intentions

A one-size-fits-all approach to diversity, brought to you by federal know-it-alls, is destined to end badly. But why would any rational person expect a different result? Just when you thought you had seen the scariest, stupidest policy Washington could devise,…more


October  13 | SUNDAY “Jazz & BBQ”UMKC Jazz Friends presents Jazz & BBQ, featuring a buffet, music, silent auction and jazz band. Dinner is at 6 p.m., and the concert at 7:30 in the Student Union, 5100 Cherry. Concert tickets…more

The American Royal Reigns On

Challenged by changing demographics and a changing economy, the heritage and financial impact of agriculture in this region are reinforced by the American Royal. Irrespective of the views that many of them hold about flyover country, the good people of…more