Ingram's Magazine: November 2013

Talk Isn’t Cheap When It Comes to Family Money

Never underestimate a financial adviser’s power to plug a communication gap. Money used to be a taboo topic—one that past generations would rarely dream of discussing with their children, let alone their grandchildren or other potential heirs. Today the mindset…more

Finally, the Winds of Hiring Are Shifting in Kansas City

Strong employment undercurrents bode well for the region’s employment and economic aspects—a “bottom’s-up” prediction. The Greater Kansas City region has strong undercurrents swirling that will provide strong employment and economic activity for the region, at a minimum for the remainder…more

At the End of Memory Lane, a Foundation for Success

Details matter, and if you haven’t mastered them, you risk more than you know. I graduated from Haddonfield Memorial High School in 1963. No computers, no cell phones, no internet, no email, no texting, no credit cards, no cassette tapes…more

Grad Schools Rope an Ebbing Demographic Wave

Challenges for stabilizing enrollment are significant as the prospective student population declines—but bigger issues loom in the years ahead. In 2009, the nation’s population of 18-year-olds reached a post-Baby Boom peak, and started a long decline. Many of the students…more


Premium whiskeys. Specialty beer. Fine cigars. Oh—and some smokin’ hot wheels parked outside. The finer things in life summoned hundreds of people to Outlaw Cigar’s Johnson County location Nov. 6, a fund-raising event for the KC Pet Project. It was…more

Readers’ Letters

An Important Issue Thank you for the “Boardroom Barriers” article [Ingram’s, October 2013], covering this important gender diversity issue. I ran my own businesses for 20 years to ensure my leadership wouldn’t be repressed. I just joined Assurant in June…more

The Roots of Success

A small Kansas start up leverages the power of innovation to achieve results that will help feed the growing appetite of a hungry world The earliest evidence for domesticated wheat—at the dawn of mankind’s Agricultural Revolution—dates to around 9800 B.C.…more


Agribusiness Stabilizes the Regional Economy The first time Ingram’s Magazine orchestrated an Agribusiness Industry Outlook was in September 2001, immediately following the devastation of September 11. What impressed those of us who witnessed it was the steady resolve of the…more


Kansas DOUGLAS COUNTY Downtown Apartments On a per-capita basis, Lawrence may have a more happening downtown than KC, but it has the same concerns when it comes to residents. A developer has stepped up to address that with plans to…more

Around the Region

November   14 | THURSDAY “KC Business Hall of Fame”Junior Achievement of Middle America pays tribute to key business leaders with inductions into the Greater Kansas City Business Hall of Fame. This year’s honorees are David Fowler, formerly of KPMG,…more

Financing Your Expansion: Ten Mistakes to Avoid

These simple guidelines can help make the difference between a successful expansion and a potential disaster. The improving economy has caused many business owners to consider expanding their business. Typically, business expansion requires additional facilities, equipment, and working capital, all…more

Downtown Scorecard: Winning Some, Losing Some

On balance, Downtown is advancing toward its goals for transforming itself. But the progress has been spotty. In sum: We still have work to do. That’s one way to look at a scorecard of progress based on the ambitious action…more

Cities of Distinction

What distinguishes one city from its municipal peers? Lots of things: Quality-of-life factors. The business climate. Infrastructure, tax policies, local schools. In the end though, all of those characteristics flow from one attribute: Leadership. Within each of the communities profiled…more

Why You Should Only Name Stuff After The Dead

A few simple rules can help avoid the embarrassment of namesakes’ outliving the appropriateness of the honors. When famed cyclist Lance Armstrong finally broke down and admitted cheating during his entire career—and lying about it every kilometer of the way—some…more

New Markets, From the Ground Up

Agriculture is often overlooked as a key driver of the regional economy, but throughout a long national downturn, money has poured into that sector—and global conditions hint of more coming. Imagine you’re in the food business. Now imagine a new…more