— Ingram’s Magazine: July 2013

The Corporate Report 100

NUMBER ONE: The Logistics Store [caption id="attachment_11168" align="alignleft" width="529"] (l-r): CEO Marti Gooch, Brian Beuerlein, Mike Dartt, Eric Doane, Julie Doane, Doug Frederick, Errin Wilmes, 
VP Eric Massey, Jodi Hall, Jeff Oakes, Laura Gooch, Terry Strang, Matt McCoy, Jordan Gooch, and…more

The Common Denominators of Uncommon Success

Sometimes, the most fascinating aspects of the Corporate Report 100 aren’t in the envy-inducing growth figures that determine the rankings, but in the under-lying numbers that got those companies onto this prestigious listing. To wit: Twenty-eight companies make their first…more

Speaking of Saving for Educational Expenses…

If you have children, or grandchildren, you may well have heard how important it is to save early and often for college—which is good advice, considering the high costs of higher education. But you’ll have to launch your savings and…more

What Qualities Make a Company Truly Innovative?

Innovative companies, and the people who comprise them, see the world around them as more one of possibility than of limitation; while certainly there are limitations—they exist to be overcome—a choice between choosing to succeed and choosing not to fail.…more

Big Data, Emerging Tech and Innovation-Based ROI

Being able to find better, more innovative ways to improve quality, increase efficiency or wring out additional profits through emerging technology is an almost irresistible proposition. The truth, however, is that not every technology prediction becomes a reality—and even worse,…more

Patent, Trade Secret Strategies for New Companies

When advising developing companies on corporate and intellectual property matters, we often discuss the client’s ultimate goals of obtaining venture-capital investments to enhance company growth and selling to an acquiring entity. For many entrepreneurial clients, intellectual property rights, such as…more

Social-Media Sales: Rubber, Meet Road

The simple answer is yes—but it ain’t that simple. I have a business brand, a personal brand, and a social brand. All of which are interconnected. All of which are mature. All of which provide value messages. All of which…more

Higher Education Industry Outlook

Opportunities and Threats As a first question, participants were asked to scan the horizon and describe the threat and/or opportunity that looms the largest. “There are no threats out there,” said Ron Trewyn, vice president for research at Kansas State…more

For Business Education, It’s a Whole New World

Singapore. Iran. India. All of them are a fair distance away from Kansas City—but influences from all three nations, and many more, are at work on business education in this region—at public and private universities, at MBA-level and undergraduate programs,…more

Rethinking Innovation

“If there’s already a name for what you’re trying to do, you’re not really innovating.  . . .  Real innovators should be doing something all the ‘experts’ think is stupid.”  —Author/entrepreneur Jim Manzi, quoted on Powerlineblog.com   That guidance might…more